Lista de Famoso Pessoas nascido o February 04

1. Jonathan Larson

Jonathan Larson
Homens. American composer and playwright (1960-1996)
Nome: Jonathan
Sobrenome: Larson
Nascido el February 4, 1960
Ele morreu January 25, 1996 (aged 35)
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2. Lotfali Askar-Zadeh

Lotfali Askar-Zadeh
Homens. Electrical engineer and computer scientist
Nome: Lotfi
Sobrenome: Zadeh
Nascido el February 4, 1921
Ele morreu September 6, 2017 (aged 96)

3. Alexia Putellas
Alèxia Putellas i Segura

Alexia Putellas
Mulheres. Spanish footballer
Nome: Alexia
Nascido el February 4, 1994 (age 28)
Nasceu em Spain, Catalonia
Altura: 173 cm | 5'8
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4. Hunter Biden
Robert Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden
Homens. American lawyer, investment advisor, and second son of former Vice President Joe Biden
Nome: Hunter
Sobrenome: Biden
Nascido el February 4, 1970 (age 52)
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5. Rosa Parks
Rosa Louise McCauley

Rosa Parks
Mulheres. African-American civil rights activist (1913-2005)
Nome: Rosa
Sobrenome: Parks
Nascido el February 4, 1913
Ele morreu October 24, 2005 (aged 92)
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6. Sergey Pugachyov

Sergey Pugachyov
Homens. Russian businessman and politician
Nome: Sergey
Nascido el February 4, 1963 (age 59)
Nasceu em Russia, Kostroma Oblast

7. Jerome Powell

Jerome Powell
Homens. American banker
Nome: Jerome
Sobrenome: Powell
Nascido el February 4, 1953 (age 69)
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8. Alice Cooper
Vincent Damon Furnier

Alice Cooper
Homens. American singer (born 1948)
Nome: Alice
Sobrenome: Cooper
Nascido el February 4, 1948 (age 74)
Altura: 177 cm | 5'10
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9. Laurence Arné

Laurence Arné
Mulheres. French actress
Nome: Laurence
Sobrenome: Arné
Nascido el February 4, 1982 (age 40)
Altura: 179 cm | 5'10

10. Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya
Homens. American boxer
Nome: Oscar
Sobrenome: Hoya
Nascido el February 4, 1973 (age 49)
Altura: 175 cm | 5'9
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11. Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia
Mulheres. British-Australian singer and actress
Nome: Natalie
Sobrenome: Imbruglia
Nascido el February 4, 1975 (age 47)
Altura: 160 cm | 5'3
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12. Charles Lindbergh
Charles Augustus Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh
Homens. American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and social activist
Nome: Charles
Sobrenome: Lindbergh
Nascido el February 4, 1902
Ele morreu August 26, 1974 (aged 72)
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13. Andrei Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski
Homens. Belarusian mixed martial artist
Nome: Andrei
Sobrenome: Arlovski
Nascido el February 4, 1979 (age 43)
Altura: 193 cm | 6'4
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14. Dan Quayle
James Danforth Quayle

Dan Quayle
Homens. vice president of the United States from 1989 to 1993
Nome: Dan
Sobrenome: Quayle
Nascido el February 4, 1947 (age 75)
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15. Conrad Bain
Conrad Stafford Bain

Conrad Bain
Homens. Canadian-American actor, personality, entertainer, and activist (1923-2013)
Nome: Conrad
Sobrenome: Bain
Nascido el February 4, 1923
Ele morreu January 14, 2013 (aged 89)
Nasceu em Canada, Alberta
Altura: 178 cm | 5'10

16. Lucie Bernardoni

Mulheres. French singer-songwriter
Nome: Lucie
Sobrenome: Bernardoni
Nascido el February 4, 1987 (age 35)
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17. Frank Wills

Frank Wills
Homens. American security guard (1948-2000)
Nome: Frank
Sobrenome: Wills
Nascido el February 4, 1948
Ele morreu September 27, 2000 (aged 52)
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18. Ayami Nakajō

Mulheres. Japanese actress and fashion model
Nome: Ayami
Sobrenome: Nakajō
Nascido el February 4, 1997 (age 25)
Altura: 169 cm | 5'7

19. Patrick Whitesell

Patrick Whitesell
Homens. American talent agent
Nome: Patrick
Sobrenome: Whitesell
Nascido el February 4, 1965 (age 57)
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20. Malik Monk

Malik Monk
Homens. American basketball player
Nome: Malik
Sobrenome: Monk
Nascido el February 4, 1998 (age 24)
Altura: 191 cm | 6'3
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