Nascido em 1912
que morreram em 1912

Lista de Famoso Pessoas Nascido em 1912

1. Rodolfo Gucci

Rodolfo Gucci
Homens. Italian actor and entrepreneur
Nome: Rodolfo
Nascido el January 1, 1912
Ele morreu January 1, 1983 (aged 71)
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2. Alan Turing
Alan Mathison Turing

Alan Turing
Homens. English mathematician and computer scientist (1912–1954)
Nome: Alan
Sobrenome: Turing
Nascido el June 23, 1912
Ele morreu June 7, 1954 (aged 41)
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3. Maurizio D'Ancora

Maurizio D'Ancora
Homens. Italian actor and businessman (1912-1983)
Nome: Maurizio
Ele morreu May 15, 1983 (aged 13)
Nasceu em Italy, Tuscany

4. Gene Kelly
Eugene Curran Kelly

Gene Kelly
Homens. American dancer, actor, singer, director, producer and choreographer (1912-1996)
Nome: Gene
Sobrenome: Kelly
Nascido el August 23, 1912
Ele morreu February 2, 1996 (aged 83)
Altura: 171 cm | 5'7
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5. Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll
Ethel Margaret Whigham

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll
Mulheres. British socialite (1912-1993)
Nome: Margaret
Sobrenome: Argyll
Nascido el December 1, 1912
Ele morreu July 25, 1993 (aged 80)

6. Kim Il-sung

Kim Il-sung
Homens. President and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1948—1994)
Nome: Kim
Sobrenome: Il-sung
Nascido el April 15, 1912
Ele morreu July 8, 1994 (aged 82)
Nasceu em North Korea

7. Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward
Homens. British osteopath
Nome: Stephen
Sobrenome: Ward
Nascido el October 19, 1912
Ele morreu August 3, 1963 (aged 50)
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8. Mary Anne MacLeod Trump
Mary Anne MacLeod

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump
Mulheres. mother of Donald Trump (1912-2000)
Nome: Mary
Sobrenome: Trump
Nascido el May 10, 1912
Ele morreu August 7, 2000 (aged 88)

9. Axel Springer
Axel Cäsar Springer

Axel Springer
Homens. German mass media owner
Nome: Axel
Sobrenome: Springer
Nascido el May 2, 1912
Ele morreu September 22, 1985 (aged 73)
Nasceu em Germany, Hamburg

10. Virgil Fox

Virgil Fox
Homens. American musician
Nome: Virgil
Nascido el May 3, 1912
Ele morreu October 25, 1980 (aged 68)

11. John Paul I
Albino Luciani

John Paul I
Homens. Pope of the Catholic Church in 1978 (1912-1978)
Nome: John
Sobrenome: I
Nascido el October 17, 1912
Ele morreu September 28, 1978 (aged 65)
Nasceu em Italy, Veneto
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12. Roberta McCain
Roberta Wright

Roberta McCain
Mulheres. Mother of John S McCain III
Nome: Roberta
Nascido el February 7, 1912
Ele morreu October 12, 2020 (aged 108)
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13. Roy Sullivan

Roy Sullivan
Homens. Park ranger known for being struck by lighting repeatedly
Nome: Roy
Sobrenome: Sullivan
Nascido el February 7, 1912
Ele morreu September 28, 1983 (aged 71)

14. Wernher von Braun
Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun

Wernher von Braun
Homens. German and later American aerospace engineer and space architect
Nome: Wernher
Sobrenome: Braun
Nascido el March 23, 1912
Ele morreu June 16, 1977 (aged 65)

15. Eva Braun
Eva Anna Paula Braun

Eva Braun
Mulheres. longtime companion and later wife of Adolf Hitler
Nome: Eva
Sobrenome: Braun
Nascido el February 6, 1912
Ele morreu April 30, 1945 (aged 33)
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16. Abd al-Aziz Ibn Baz

Abd al-Aziz Ibn Baz
Homens. Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar and mufti (1912–1999)
Nome: Abd
Nascido el November 22, 1912
Ele morreu May 13, 1999 (aged 86)
Nasceu em Saudi Arabia

17. Erich Honecker
Erich Ernst Paul Honecker

Erich Honecker
Homens. former leader of East Germany, General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party
Nome: Erich
Sobrenome: Honecker
Nascido el August 25, 1912
Ele morreu May 29, 1994 (aged 81)
Nasceu em Germany, Saarland

18. Kim Philby
Harold Adrian Russell Philby

Kim Philby
Homens. KGB double agent for the Soviet Union
Nome: Kim
Sobrenome: Philby
Nascido el January 1, 1912
Ele morreu May 11, 1988 (aged 76)

19. Monty Stratton

Homens. American baseball player and coach
Nome: Monty
Sobrenome: Stratton
Nascido el May 21, 1912
Ele morreu September 29, 1982 (aged 70)
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20. Juan Pujol García

Juan Pujol García
Homens. Spanish spy, double agent for the British in World War II
Nome: Juan
Sobrenome: García
Nascido el February 14, 1914
Ele morreu October 10, 1988 (aged 74)
Nasceu em Spain, Catalonia
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