Lista de Famoso Mulheres com uma altura de 4'11" (59 polegadas)

1. Greta Thunberg
Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg

Greta Thunberg
Mulheres. Swedish climate protection activist
Nome: Greta
Nascido el January 3, 2003 (age 20)
Altura: 149 cm | 4'11
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cartoon how dare you speech climate change awards un speech boat time vegan nobel prize

2. Lali Espósito

Lali Espósito
Mulheres. Argentine actress and singer (born 1991)
Nome: Lali
Nascido el October 10, 1991 (age 31)
Nasceu em Argentina
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11

3. Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Koren Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Smith
Mulheres. American actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman (1971-)
Nome: Jada
Nascido el September 18, 1971 (age 51)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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august alsina tupac matrix gotham band different world metal band braids fresh prince photos

4. Shalita Grant

Shalita Grant
Mulheres. American actress
Nome: Shalita
Nascido el August 28, 1988 (age 34)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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5. Bhad Bhabie
Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli

Bhad Bhabie
Mulheres. American internet personality and rapper from Florida
Nome: Bhad
Nascido el March 26, 2003 (age 19)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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dr phil lyrics tik tok song italian elon musk remix 22 feature tiktok he gon call it crazy linktree grammy

6. Becky G
Rebbeca Marie Gomez

Becky G
Mulheres. American singer and actress
Nome: Becky
Nascido el March 2, 1997 (age 25)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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shower sin pijama shower lyrics power rangers mayores teeth colourpop gap dollar austin mahone

7. Jenna Ortega
Jenna Marie Ortega

Jenna Ortega
Mulheres. American actress
Nome: Jenna
Nascido el September 27, 2002 (age 20)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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you tv shows iron man 3 jane the virgin netflix snapchat asher angel richie rich disney stuck in the middle

8. Jane Powell
Suzanne Lorraine Burce

Jane Powell
Mulheres. American actress, dancer, and singer (1929-2021)
Nome: Jane
Sobrenome: Powell
Nascido el April 1, 1929
Ele morreu September 16, 2021 (aged 92)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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spouse husbands net worth 2018 seven brides for seven brothers singing too late now movies youtube dancing death calm

9. Ashley Olsen
Ashley Fuller Olsen

Ashley Olsen
Mulheres. American former actress
Nome: Ashley
Sobrenome: Olsen
Nascido el June 13, 1986 (age 36)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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engagement ring hairstyles eyebrows hair color eye makeup graduation movies on netflix face shape krankheit lyme disease

10. Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin
Mulheres. Australian television personality and conservationist
Nome: Bindi
Sobrenome: Irwin
Nascido el July 24, 1998 (age 24)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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wedding wedding photos dancing with the stars chandler powell wedding dress baby engaged wedding date marriage singing

11. Ali Wong

Ali Wong
Mulheres. American stand-up comedian and actress
Nome: Ali
Sobrenome: Wong
Nascido el April 19, 1982 (age 40)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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tour baby cobra movie hard knock wife dear girls netflix glasses comedy comedian tickets

12. Jacki Weaver
Jacqueline Ruth Weaver

Jacki Weaver
Mulheres. Australian actress
Nome: Jacki
Nascido el May 25, 1947 (age 75)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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spouse nominations picnic at hanging rock animal kingdom tv shows poms tv series oscar animal kingdom daily mail jack thompson

13. Barbara Windsor
Barbara Ann Deeks

Barbara Windsor
Mulheres. British actress (1937-2020)
Nome: Barbara
Sobrenome: Windsor
Nascido el August 6, 1937
Ele morreu December 10, 2020 (aged 83)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura: 149 cm | 4'11
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spouse carry on camping carry on carry on films funeral laugh cause of death ronnie knight krays dead

14. Tila Tequila
Nguyễn Thien Thanh Thi

Tila Tequila
Mulheres. American television and social media personality
Nome: Tila
Nascido el October 24, 1981 (age 41)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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a shot at love song baby a shot at love full episodes casey johnson paralyze gofundme child youtube channel lyrics

15. Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez
Mulheres. American artistic gymnast
Nome: Laurie
Sobrenome: Hernandez
Nascido el June 9, 2000 (age 22)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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gymnastics dancing with the stars larry nassar olympics i got this leotards floor music barbie olympics 2016 floor routine

16. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch
Mulheres. Filipino-American social media personality and singer
Nome: Bella
Sobrenome: Poarch
Nascido el February 9, 1997 (age 25)
Altura: 151 cm | 4'11
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17. Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega
Mulheres. American professional wrestler
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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wwe cosplay aj lee andrade twitch vs code red kakashi dvon dudley simone johnson

18. Skai Jackson
Skai Syed Jackson

Skai Jackson
Mulheres. American actress
Nome: Skai
Nascido el April 8, 2002 (age 20)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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dancing with the stars jessie dwts panini graduation hairstyles bubble guppies cameron boyce braids natural hair

19. Shawn Johnson East
Shawn Machel Johnson

Shawn Johnson East
Mulheres. American former artistic gymnast
Nome: Shawn
Sobrenome: East
Nascido el January 19, 1992 (age 31)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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baby name podcast vitamins airport necklace andrew east pumpkin bread birth story secret life of an american teenager ex boyfriend

20. Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan
Mulheres. Irish actress
Nome: Nicola
Sobrenome: Coughlan
Nascido el January 9, 1987 (age 36)
Altura: 150 cm | 4'11
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