Nascido em 2016
que morreram em 2016

Lista de Famoso Pessoas que morreram em 2016

1. Muhammad Ali
Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

Muhammad Ali
Homens. American boxer, philanthropist, and activist (1942–2016)
Nome: Muhammad
Sobrenome: Ali
Nascido el January 17, 1942
Ele morreu June 3, 2016 (aged 74)
Altura: 189 cm | 6'2
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old cause of death boxing movie vs george foreman museum grave greatest height weight accomplishments

2. David Bowie
David Robert Jones

David Bowie
Homens. English singer-songwriter and actor (1947–2016)
Nome: David
Sobrenome: Bowie
Nascido el January 8, 1947
Ele morreu January 10, 2016 (aged 69)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura: 177 cm | 5'10
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labyrinth heroes eyes space oddity let's dance starman changes album covers modern love man who sold the world

3. George Michael
Γεώργιος Κυριάκος Παναγιώτου

George Michael
Homens. British singer (1963–2016)
Nome: George
Sobrenome: Michael
Nascido el June 25, 1963
Ele morreu December 25, 2016 (aged 53)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura: 180 cm | 5'11
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careless whisper faith death freedom cause of death death cause father figure last christmas one more try wham

4. Prince
Prince Rogers Nelson

Homens. American musician (1958–2016)
Nascido el June 7, 1958
Ele morreu April 21, 2016 (aged 57)
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harry andrew philip william michael jackson ii royce of egypt william duke of cambridge edward island harry and meghan

5. Jayaram Jayalalithaa

Jayaram Jayalalithaa
Mulheres. Indian Actress,Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Sobrenome: Jayalalithaa
Nascido el February 24, 1948
Ele morreu December 5, 2016 (aged 68)
Nasceu em India

6. Alan Rickman
Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman

Alan Rickman
Homens. English actor (1946–2016)
Nome: Alan
Sobrenome: Rickman
Nascido el February 21, 1946
Ele morreu January 14, 2016 (aged 69)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura: 185 cm | 6'1
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death die hard cause of death death cause harry potter snape robin hood sense and sensibility galaxy quest love actually

7. Carrie Fisher
Carrie Frances Fisher

Carrie Fisher
Mulheres. American actress and writer
Nome: Carrie
Nascido el October 21, 1956
Ele morreu December 27, 2016 (aged 60)
Altura: 155 cm | 5'1
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death cause of death death cause star wars billie lourd rise of skywalker princess leia leia child books

8. Fidel Castro
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

Fidel Castro
Homens. Cuban politician, revolutionary and dictator
Nome: Fidel
Sobrenome: Castro
Nascido el August 13, 1926
Ele morreu November 25, 2016 (aged 90)
Nasceu em Cuba, Holguín Province
Altura: 185 cm | 6'1
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death dictator cause of death death cause hat definition assassination attempts wives baseball cold war

9. Judith Love Cohen

Judith Love Cohen
Mulheres. American aerospace engineer and author
Nome: Judith
Nascido el August 16, 1933
Ele morreu July 25, 2016 (aged 82)
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apollo 13 nasa mother of jack black labour jack black snopes fact check apollo pregnancy books labor

10. Debbie Reynolds
Mary Frances Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds
Mulheres. American actress, singer, and dancer (1932-2016)
Nome: Debbie
Nascido el April 1, 1932
Ele morreu December 28, 2016 (aged 84)
Altura: 155 cm | 5'1
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singing in the rain singin in the rain carrie fisher halloweentown tammy tammy movies good morning dance studio will and grace granddaughter

11. Michael Massee

Michael Massee
Homens. American actor (1952–2016)
Nome: Michael
Sobrenome: Massee
Ele morreu October 20, 2016 (aged 46)
Altura: 178 cm | 5'10

12. Jo Cox
Helen Joanne Leadbeater

Jo Cox
Mulheres. British politician (1974–2016)
Nome: Jo
Sobrenome: Cox
Nascido el June 22, 1974
Ele morreu June 16, 2016 (aged 41)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England

13. Gene Wilder
Jerome Silberman

Gene Wilder
Homens. American actor and comedian (1933-2016)
Nome: Gene
Sobrenome: Wilder
Nascido el June 11, 1933
Ele morreu August 29, 2016 (aged 83)
Altura: 179 cm | 5'10
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willy wonka death as willy wonka richard pryor movies richard pryor pure imagination frankenstein young frankenstein death cause cause of death

14. Anton Yelchin
Anton Viktorovich Yelchin

Anton Yelchin
Homens. American actor (1989–2016)
Nome: Anton
Sobrenome: Yelchin
Nascido el March 11, 1989
Ele morreu June 19, 2016 (aged 27)
Nasceu em Russia
Altura: 175 cm | 5'9
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death cause of death death cause jeep star trek died how did he die photography trollhunters funeral

15. Christina Grimmie
Christina Victoria Grimmie

Christina Grimmie
Mulheres. American singer and YouTuber (1994–2016)
Nome: Christina
Sobrenome: Grimmie
Nascido el March 12, 1994
Ele morreu June 10, 2016 (aged 22)
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death death cause cause of death what happened wrecking ball grave with love died i won't give up titanium

16. Bud Spencer
Carlo Pedersoli

Bud Spencer
Homens. Italian actor, professional swimmer and water polo player (1929-2016)
Nome: Bud
Nascido el October 31, 1929
Ele morreu June 27, 2016 (aged 86)
Nasceu em Italy, Campania
Altura: 190 cm | 6'3

17. René Angélil

René Angélil
Homens. Canadian singer/manager
Nome: René
Sobrenome: Angélil
Nascido el January 16, 1942
Ele morreu January 14, 2016 (aged 73)
Nasceu em Canada, Quebec

18. Juan Gabriel
Alberto Aguilera Valadez

Juan Gabriel
Homens. Mexican singer and songwriter (1950-2015)
Nome: Juan
Sobrenome: Gabriel
Nascido el January 7, 1950
Ele morreu August 28, 2016 (aged 66)
Nasceu em Mexico, Michoacán

19. David Hahn

David Hahn
Homens. United States marine (1976-2016)
Nome: David
Sobrenome: Hahn
Nascido el October 30, 1976
Ele morreu September 27, 2016 (aged 39)
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nuclear md instacart obituary iq navy gofundme harper\u0027s boy scout henkel

20. Glenn Frey
Glenn Lewis Frey

Glenn Frey
Homens. American rock musician (1948–2016)
Nome: Glenn
Sobrenome: Frey
Nascido el November 6, 1948
Ele morreu January 18, 2016 (aged 67)
Altura: 175 cm | 5'9
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death heat is on cause of death death cause you belong to the city eagles smuggler's blues one you love funeral true love
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